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Помогите перевести. Simon de Montfort. The growth of Parliament. Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, 1st Earl of Chester (1208-1265) was an Anglo-Norman nobleman. He led the barons' rebellion against King Henry III of England during the Second Barons' War of 1263–4, and became de facto ruler of England . During his rule, de Montfort called the first directly elected parliament in medieval Europe. For this reason, de Montfort is regarded today as one of the progenitors of modern parliamentary democracy . After a rule of just over a year, de Montfort was killed by forces loyal to the king in the Battle of Evesham . At the “Mad Parliament” of 1258 Simon de Montfort served as one of the leaders appointed for effecting administrative reforms, which resulted in the Provisions of Oxford, and Simon moved to join the reformers against the King. After being attacked by the King in council in 1260, Simon left the country, but he was called back in 1263 by the leaders of Parliament to head their opposition to the King. Simon and the barons defeated the royalist forces and captured the King in the battle of Lewes on May 14, 1264. In 1265, Simon called a meeting of Parliament in January at London that was fully representative not only of the traditional members but also of every borough in England. This Parliament, later called the "Model Parliament," established a precedent for greater representation in the Commons. Simon quarreled with Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, who left to join the King's forces led by Prince Edward. Further war resulted, ending in the battle of Evesham on Aug. 4, 1265, at which the opponents of the King were defeated, and Simon was killed.
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