Задание 1. Расположите буквы в правильном порядке, чтобы узнать о каком члене семьи идет речь. Переведите слова. risset – _____________________ ethrom – _____________________ hortreb – _____________________ heftar – _____________________ dangram – _____________________ napgrad – _____________________ Задание 2. Переведите следующие словосочетания. шляпа Алисы (Alice) зонт Энди (Andy) сумка Дианы (Diane) ботинки Дэвида (David) очки Джейн (Jane) Задание 3. Дайте сначала краткий, а затем полный ответ. Используйте сокращенные формы. Пример: Do we jump? – No, we don’t. We don’t jump. Does your uncle dance? – No, ______________. He _____________________. Have your parents got a rabbit? – No, ______________. They _____________. Can you swim? – No, _______________. I _____________________________. Are your sisters bad? – No, __________________. They __________________. Is your mother lazy? – No, ________________. She _____________________. Do you speak Italian? – No, __________________. I Задание 4. Напишите вторые формы неправильных глаголов. go, see, do, buy, fall, be, get, meet, eat, drink, have, make Задание 5. Напишите, что произошло в прошлом. Используйте следующие глаголы: give, go, do, water, help. I ____________________ my homework at school. She _________________ me the book yesterday. Yesterday he __________________ his friends. Last summer we _______________ to Moscow. My sister __________________ the flowers. Задание 6. Перепишите следующие утвердительные предложения отрицательными. Используйте краткую форму глагола. They saw him yesterday. _____________________________________ We had five lessons yesterday. _________________________________ He drew the picture two years ago. ______________________________ She came home at 3 oʹclock. ___________________________________ My father repaired his bike last week. ____________________________ Задание 7. Выберите правильный вариант. Mr Brown ……. to Moscow two days ago. a) come b) comes c) came She …… to the park every day. a) go b) goes c) went Where did you …… the letter yesterday? a) write b) wrote c) will write When do you usually ……. lunch? a) have b) has c) will have My sister ……. puzzles tomorrow. a) didn’t play b) doesn’t play c) will play Did they ……. a whale in the Zoo? a) saw b) sees c) see Задание 8. Заполните пропуски притяжательными местоимениями. Barbara lived in a big flat together with … parents. Nick and Jane always bring … children to school by car. Jack`s idea was not interesting for … visitors. They do … morning exercises in the open air. We have … breakfast at 8 o’clock. Задание 9. Вставьте подходящие неопределенные местоимения some или any. There are … trousers in the wardrobe. … skirts are very short. John can`t find … food in the fridge. Are there … green apples on the table? Give him … hot milk and honey.
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