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помогите подобрать правильные ответы заранее спасибо)) In the past teenagers had very 1—— choice in the way their rooms were decorated. The fact that families had 2——- children than they do now was an important consideration. This meant that there was not 3——- money to pay for more than the basics –paint or wallpaper.4—— , children of different ages and tastes had to share a room and when it 5—— to decorating, not much thought was put into the job. Times change, 6——-, and now parents spend plenty of money on home decorating. Families have acquired 7——- spending power and children have more of a voice. In other words parents have to take notice 8——- what they want. What has become very clear is that most teenagers are aware of the latest 9——- and they really do have a very good idea of the way they want their personal space decorated. Money is 10——- going to be a consideration. But there are bargains available throughout the year, so everything can be done quite 11—— . Parents may argue that their child’s 12——— are not appropriate, but this is the teenager 13—— has to live with it, not them. 14———, if the teenager 15——- for a colour or furniture that the parent does not like, this can always be discussed. 1. a. few b. little c. a few d. small 2. a. much more b. a lot of c. many more d. much 3. a. any b. much c. more d . some 4. a. What’s more b. Moreover c. Beside d. Nevertheless 5. a. went b. come c. said d. came 6. a. although b. however c. therefore d. meanwhile 7. a. greatest b. biggest c. greater d. great 8. a. from b. to c. about d. of 9. a. models b. sales c. trends d. news 10. a. however b. also c. even so d. still 11. a. commercially b. economic c. economically d. profitably 12. a. choosing b. choices c. taste d. choice 13. a. what b. which c. he d. who 14. a. in the end b. afterwards c. after all d. at the end 15. a. goes b. thinks c. chooses d . decide
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