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Перевидите текст !) Every day there are more and more animals and plants which are in danger of becoming extinct, yutyp Their natural habitats are destroyed by human activity. Forests are cleared for farming or housing. Oceans and rivers are polluted. Animals are hunted for different reasons. The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) has made a list of endangered species. Here are some of them. There are 5 different species of rhinoceros [rai'nDsarasj. Two of them live in Africa and three in Asia. There are only 11000 rhinos left in the world. They are killed for sport. They are also hunted for their horns. In some countries it is believed that rhinos’ horn has magical powers. Their horn is also used in Asian medicine. In Yemen, horn is traditionally used for decorating knives. Pandas live in the south-west of China. They are recognised by their black and white coats but when they are bom, they don't have any hair. They eat bamboo and spend about 16 hours a day feeding. Bamboo forests in China are cleared for farming, so there is less bamboo for pandas. They are also killed for their coats. This is illegal but high prices are paid — so poachers1 are willing to take a risk. It is believed there are only about 2000 pandas left in the world. Sea turtles are found in the warm oceans of the world. They are hunted for their shells and meat. They live in the sea but they breathe air and lay eggs on the beach. The eggs are often damaged. Baby turtles have just a few hours to reach the sea. They are often eaten by other animals. The African elephant is the largest mammal on earth. Elephants are killed for their ivory tusks2. The tusks are sold on the illegal market. They are exported and used for making jewellery. The countries where ivory is illegally imported or exported must work hard to stop the trade. Even if the ivory trade is stopped, the future of the African elephant is not good. The growing population of Africa makes it difficult for elephant herds3 to find the large areas of land they need.
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